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Female Laser Hair Removal



Female laser hair removal is hygienically effective and most women find laser hair removal is the simplest, and ultimately the least expensive and the cleanest route, to long-term relief from unwanted body hair.


Skinsense is the leader in both male and female laser hair removal in Vanuatu. We use only the most advanced technology available, using what’s called 'medical-grade laser' and that means we can guarantee successful results.


With the new equipment used by SkinSense in Port Vila being so effective, fast and precise, even women with very thick dark hair are seeing incredible results. We constantly research to ensure we can deliver the best results, and offer a free consultation and patch test to every client..


If you're not happy with shaving, tweezing, or waxing to remove unwanted hair, laser hair is an option worth considering.


All you need is a willingness to experiment mixed with a little post treatment skin care and that clean, healthy, groomed appearance can be yours too!


Laser Hair Removal for Females

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How Many Laser Treatments Will I Need


The area being treated, your skin colour and hair type play a major part in determining how many laser hair removal treatments you will need.


A tanned dark haired woman will need six to eight treatments, spaced roughly two months (six to eight weeks) apart to see visible results whilst other women may require as few as four treatment sessions.


This is because the laser used for hair removal is more responsive on persons with fair skin and dark hair, compared to persons with tanned skin and light coloured hair.


Overall, if you follow all the rules, and get your treatments in the recommended timeframe, you can expect to achieve the desired result in a relatively short period of time.



Cost of Laser Hair Removal for Women


SkinSense offer the following laser hair removal treatments for women. All laser hair removal treatments for women may be booked online, or by visiting the SkinSense clinic in Port Vila town.


As permanent hair reduction entails more than just one treatment session you should take advantage of SkinSense Vanuatu's Buy-3-Get-1-Free prepaid 4 treatment packages offer.



Treatment Area Single
Pack of 4 Treatments
Aelan Kel Face                    4,000               12,000
Areola                    4,000               12,000
Bikini Line                    6,000               18,000
Brazilian                    8,000               24,000
Brows                    4,000               12,000
Buttocks                    8,000               24,000
Chin                    4,000               12,000
Combo Bikini & Underarms                    8,000               24,000
Combo Brazilian & Underarms                 10,000               30,000
Combo Décolleté & Stomach                 15,000               45,000
Combo Face & Underarms                    8,000               24,000
Combo Lips & Chin                    6,000               18,000
Combo Lips & Underarms                    6,000               18,000
Combo Lower Legs & Brazilian                 18,000               54,000
Décolleté                    8,000               24,000
Ears                    4,000               12,000
Extended Chin/Jawline                    5,000               15,000
Feet & Toes                    4,000               12,000
Full Arms                  16,000               48,000
Full Face                    6,000               18,000
Full Legs                 20,000               60,000
Half Arms                 10,000               30,000
Hands & Fingers                    8,000               24,000
Lips                    4,000               12,000
Lower Legs                 12,000               36,000
Navel                    4,000               12,000
Neck (front or back)                    4,000               12,000
Nose (incl nostrils)                    4,000               12,000
Perianal                    4,000               12,000
Sides of Face                    4,000               12,000
Snail trail                    4,000               12,000
Stomach                    8,000               24,000
Underarms                    4,000               12,000
Upper Cheeks                    4,000               12,000
Upper Legs                 12,000               36,000
Other treatment areas / combinations  Please Enquire  Please Enquire



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