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Skin Tag & Wart Removal



A skin tag looks like a small piece of soft hanging tissue and can be clear or pigmented. Skin tags are generally benign, non cancerous small tumors of the skin which cause no symptoms.


Skin tag growths consists of loose collagen fibers that become lodged inside thicker areas of the skin.


Skin tags can appear on any part of your body and both men and women can develop skin tags. They tend to occur in older people and people who are obese or have type 2 diabetes. About 25 percent of people have at least one skin tag.


You’ll usually find skin tags in folds of skin in these areas:


   # Armpits
   # Neck
   # Under the breasts

   # Around the eyes

   # Sides of the nose
   # Around the genitals
   # and less often, skin tags can grow on the eyelids


It’s unclear exactly what causes skin tags, but they may develop from friction or skin rubbing against skin. These skin lesions are usually harmless, but they can be painful when snagged by jewelry or clothing.



How are Skin Tags Removed


SkinSense Vanuatu use the latest laser, plasma pen and traditional liquid nitrogen method to perform safe, scar free skin tag and wart removal.


Both the laser and plasma pen use cauterization (a short burst of intense focused heat) to remove the growth whilst the traditional liquid nitrogen method (cryosurgery) involves spraying a small amount of liquid nitrogen over the skin tag, which freezes off the growth.



Side Effects of Skin Tag Removal


Infections and complications don’t usually occur with skin tag removal. Some people develop a scar after removal, which may slowly disappear over time.


After removing a skin tag apply antibiotic ointment to the affected area as a precaution. This lowers the risk of infection. See a doctor if the area becomes painful or bleeds.


If you have a procedure to remove a skin tag, your clinician’s instructions may include keeping the wound dry for at least 48 hours, and then gently washing the area with soap and water.



Who Should Delay Removing Skin Tags


Although skin tag removal is generally a safe procedure and without complications, Skinsense advises the following persons to postpone the removal of their skin tags, or to at least first consult their medical practitioner prior to seeking treatment:-


#  Children or anyone under the age of 18

#  If you are diabetic or have poor blood circulation
#  If you have a bleeding problem (there is a small risk of bleeding after treatment)
#  If you have a blood condition affected by extreme cold
#  If you have or have ever had any type of skin cancer
#  If you have ever had any skin lesion diagnosed as pre-cancerous


Similarly, Skinsense will not and does not offer skin tag removal treatment:-


#  Inside your mouth, nose or anus, on your genitals or hard to see places
#  On irritated or infected skin with signs of redness, itching or swelling

#  For skin conditions that are not skin tags, such as moles, birthmarks, dark-colored, hairy or any unusual looking skin condition



Cost of Skin Tag & Wart Removal


The cost of skin tag and wart removal at Skinsense is based on a treatment time unit, not the number of tags or warts treated.


 *  A treatment session of up to 15 minutes duration (up to 10 tags or 4 warts) costs VT 6,500


 *  An extended treatment session of up to 30 minutes (up to 20 tags or 8 warts) costs VT12,000


This cost is able to be reduced by 25% if you book and prepay for 4 treatment sessions.


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Skin Tag Removal

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