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Deep Cleansing Facial Treatments

The facial treatments offered by Skinsense are not beauty treatments - they are deep cleansing clinical treatments that will leave your skin refreshed and pure.

The facial treatments offered by Skinsense are:-

Cleanse and Refresh Facial

This facial is suitable for most people. It is light and non invasive and will make your skin purified and revitalised again.

Included in this facial treatment are:

  • Purifying deep cleaning
  • Steam therapy to open pores and help to expel skin impurities
  • Detox exfoliating scrub
  • Detox or hydrating face mask
  • A light facial massage with an enriched day cream that suits your type of skin, followed with SPF
If you struggle with acne or oily skin this treatment is certainly for you. It involves a steamer that opens pores and gives great access to unclog them. By exfoliating and removing all impurities, we provide a deep cleanse even on smaller and less visible pores.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial with Extraction

This is a deep cleanse intensive facial, it is marginally invasive with minimal to some discomfort during the extraction portion of the treatment. It will however leave your skin deep cleaned, bouncy, refreshed and good as new.

Included in this facial treatment are:

  • Deep purifying cleaning
  • Steam therapy to open pores and expel skin impurities
  • Ultrasonic skin scraping (if no active acne) to remove dead skin cells and superficial impurities
  • Manual extraction of unwanted impurities such as comedons (blackheads), sebum deposits, etc if needed
  • Ultrasonic skin sterilisation
  • Detox exfoliating scrub
  • Hydrating or detox serum enriched face mask
  • A light facial massage with an enriched day cream that suits your type of skin, followed with SPF
When extracting all the unwanted impurities we use a special tool that makes the extraction less uncomfortable, and the mask we apply will soothe and nourish your skin.

Both our bespoke facial treatments include multiple cleansing procedures. You should hence allow adequate time to relax and enjoy your treatment.

Why Have A Facial

Deep cleanse facial treatments, also known as DCF, are a must for all those women and men who want perfect, fresh-looking skin.

Having a daily skincare routine is certainly important to maintain that glow and smoothness. However, a deep cleansing facial treatment performed in a professional clinic like Skinsense certainly improves the aspect of your face.

Our deep cleansing facials offer personalised treatments that are customised for your skin type and conditions. We only use premium products to make your skin look firmer, exfoliate it by removing dead skin cells, and treat all areas where problems are prominent.

Deep Cleanse Facial Treatment Aftercare

If your skin is all glowing and smooth, you should know that it is also highly sensitive, making the aftercare routine very important.

If you still see any pimples and white or blackheads on your skin after a facial, do not pop them. There is a reason why the therapy did not target them. We know how hard it is not to prick your skin, but this bad habit might cause irritation and even scarring.

You should also avoid using loads of makeup products after your deep cleansing treatment. It is important to give your face skin a small break from all heavy products like concealers, foundation, or heavy creams for at least a day or two. Your pores are still open, and by spreading these products on your face, you might add some bacteria. Also, avoiding makeup increases the effectiveness of all the serums and moisturizers used for the treatment.

After this makeup break, make sure that all of your brushes and tools are washed and super clean. You do not want that bacteria back on your face, do you?

And because your skin is more sensitive after doing a treatment, gently wash your face. Avoid scrubs and other tools that might harm it.

You might also need to consider rescheduling gym workouts for the next two days because sweat can irritate exfoliated skin.

And most importantly, remember SPF is your BFF!

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Excellent Treatment, Service and Results - by , July 16, 2022
5/ 5stars
This has to be the best and most thorough facial I have ever had. Amazing Treatment and Results. The service and quality of care at Skinsense is absolutely superb. Facial Cleansing at Skinsense Vanuatu.
Couples Facial Treatment - by , August 05, 2022
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This couples facial treatment was a birthday surprise from my husband. Skinsense really went the extra mile to make us both feel really special. An awesome day with fantastic treatments for both of us. Couples Day Facial at Skinsense