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Laser Tattoo Removal


SkinSense Vanuatu use the latest and most advanced Q-Switch Yag Laser, one of only two types of lasers capable of permanent tattoo removal, to perform safe scar free tattoo removal.


Virtually all tattoos will respond to our laser treatment and there is no cutting of the skin.


Depending on the density of the tattoo and the ink colour you should expect to have at least eight treatment sessions - more to remove very dark dense tattoos.


Cost of Permanent Tattoo Removal


The total cost of removing your tattoo depends entirely on variables including the size of the tattoo, it's density, the colour of the inks and how many treatment sessions are required to achieve the desired result.


Skinsense Vanuatu charge Vt 4,000 per 15 minute tattoo removal treatment session. This cost is able to be reduced by 25% if you book and prepay for multiple sessions.


As permanent tattoo removal entails more than just one treatment session you should take advantage of SkinSense's Buy-3-Get-1-Free prepaid treatment package offer.

Tattoo Removal

Before, During & After


Permanent Tattoo Removal in Port Vila Vanuatu


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