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HiFu Feminine Rejuvenation

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HiFu) is a gold class, non surgical procedure that has an unrivalled rate of success when used for vaginal tightening and rejuvenation. The latest HiFU technology, as used by SkinSense, targets both the Dermal and SMAS layer provoking superficial and muscular tightening.

As a non-invasive treatment HiFu has several benefits over traditional surgical procedures. Results are seen immediately and typically just one vaginal treatment plan will be necessary to achieve the desired result that can last for as long as three years.

How is HiFu Administered

The procedure entails gently inserting a sterilized ultrasound wand in the vagina to a depth of around 8cm. Once the wand is in position the clinician initiates the treatment that consists of multiple 360 degree revolution passes the length of the vagina canal.

There is no pain, and discomfort during the procedure is minimal. As the skin is not broken, and there is no bleeding, women taking blood thinning or similar cardio related medication may safely undergo HiFu treatment.

At SkinSense the HiFu treatments are performed by our qualified aesthetic clinician who has been trained, and examined, on the procedure at the National Laser Institute in Phoenix, U.S.A.

How Does HiFu Work

Hifu uses the power of targeted high intensity ultrasound to safely lift and tighten the vagina walls whilst protecting the skin surface, and precisely penetrating at deeper depths and higher temperatures treating beyond the dermis and foundation layers to where structural weakening starts.

The intense focused ultrasound, which passes painlessly through the vaginal walls, causes regeneration of the collagen fibres. At the same time it helps tighten the muscle wall and stimulates the mucousal layer which helps to eliminate vaginal dryness.

How Many Treatments are Required

Skinsense's HiFu feminine rejuvenation is so effective that usually just the initial treatment followed by a single top-up three or six months afterward is required to achieve and maintain the desired results that last an average of two years.

In rare instance some women do require additional top-up's to achieve the desired result but this is usually limited to women who are heavy smokers or whose vaginal wall had deteriorated more than normal prior to their HiFu treatment.

Proven Benefits & Advantages of HiFu

The most desired and obvious advantages of vaginal HiFu treatment is tightening of the vagina canal, restoration of natural lubrication, cessation of urinary incontinence, and the subsequent increase of pleasurable intimate sensation for the woman (and her partner).

HiFu Vaginal Tightening

Other significant benefits of HiFu feminine rejuvenation are:-

  • Strengthens Vaginal Elasticity
  • Improves Natural Lubrication
  • Restores Lost Sensitivity
  • Lasts for up to 3 Years
  • Reduces Incontinence
  • Relieves Vaginal Dryness
  • Non-Ablative (no skin damage)
  • Safe & Pain Free
  • Non-Surgical
  • Affordable

Who Should Postpone Having HiFu Treatment

Women who are:-

  • Pregnant
  • Breast feeding
  • Have recently given birth
  • Taking antibiotic medication
  • Have any form of vaginal or cervical infection
  • Are five days either side of their menstrual period
should postpone having HiFu treatment.

Additionally, if none of the above apply to you and you are for any reason uncertain, please consult your medical practitioner prior to having a HiFu treatment.

Cost of HiFu Vagina Tightening

HiFu Vaginal Rejuvenation at Skinsense costs just VT 28,000vt (compared to more than $1,300 / 130,000vt for the same treatment overseas)

In the rare instance a single top-up is required during the 12 months following the initial treatment this is charged at 18,000vt.

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Vt from 20,000 December 31,2023 By appointment
Product description: Skinsense's HiFu feminine rejuvenation is so effective that usually just the initial treatment followed by a single top-up three or six months afterward is required to achieve and maintain the desired vagina tightening result that lasts an average of two years. Customer reviews:
Very, Very Happy Pussy - by , April 14, 2022
5/ 5stars
Amazing Treatment and Results. Just a single HiFu feminine rejuvenation has not only restored my sex life but made it better than ever before. My labia look young and fresh and my vaginal canal has tightened so much my husband can't get enough of me now. This has to be the best treatment I have ever done - highly recommended to any ladies wanting to restore and rejuvenate their vagina and labia. Before and after my HiFu feminine rejuventation treatment at Skinsense Vanuatu.
HiFu Feminine Rejuvenation - The Best $400 Ever Spent! - by , May 27, 2022
5/ 5stars
The HifU feminine rejuvenation treatment has ticked all the boxes for me. I sincerely advise any woman experiencing lack of vaginal elasticity, lubrication and sensitivity to have this treatment - it takes less than hour, is painless and cheap. HiFu Feminine Rejuvenation and Labia Shaping