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Laser for Nail Fungus

Laser treatment of nail fungus is a top treatment option to combat, eradicate and prevent further fungal growth in the nail tissue.

Lasers target the fungal cells causing them to produce reactive oxygen preventing further growth, and then ultimately eradicate the fungus.

How Many Treatments are Needed

The number of treatments all depend on the depth of the fungi and how severe it is. If the fungi is relatively new and superficial as few as two sessions will be needed. If you have allowed the fungus to establish itself and penetrate the deep nail tissue before taking action as many nine treatment sessions may be needed.

Does It Hurt

Moderately sensitive swelling of the skin around treated area may last between 24� 72 hours after the treatment. The heat generated by the laser during the treatment will also cause you some discomfort. The discomfort from the heat generated is temporary and will pass within minutes of the treatment.

Post Treatment Care

In order to combat nail fungi alongside laser treatment you need to help take care of the issue as well.

Wash socks between each use and disinfect inside your shoes (you can safely use Covid hand spray to disinfect your shoes) to help prevent new fungal growth. This is very important as shoes and used socks are a breeding haven for fungi and other bacteria.

You should thouroughly clean your toe/finger nails daily and dry them - esecially after going to the beach as sea sand is not clean and new bacteria will have likely made its way under the nail together with any sand.

It is also recommened that you use an anti fungal nail growth serum to help the fungus killed by the laser to grow out faster.

How Much Does It Cost

The cost of the treatment is from 6,500vt per 15 minute session. Up to three moderately infected nails can be treated in a single session.

A pre-treatment consultation costing 3,000vt to determine if you are a suitable candidate for laser treatment and to properly discus the procedure with you is mandatory.

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Toe Nail Fungal Treatment - by , July 12, 2022
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After just three treatments I am rid of unsightly nail fungus on my toes. Thank you! Nail Fungal Treatments at Skinsense Vanuatu.
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Very professional and effective treatment. Had been suffering from toe nail infections for years and tried every remedy on the market to no avail till I went to Skinsense for laser. Their treatment works and works really well too. Toe Nail Fungus Removal