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Biosculpt Stimuli Serum Induction

We know it is hard to believe but yes, you can have younger, more radiant-looking skin in just one half hour with a Biosculpt Stimuli Serum Induction treatment!

Biosculpt Stimuli Serum Induction is a proven treatment to help reverse the ageing effects of facial muscle and skin.

It is also highly recommended as a preventative treatment to delay the appearance of facial aging characteristics, and help you retain existing youthful appearance of your face and skin.

What Is Biosculpt Stimuli

The simplest way to describe biosculpt stimuli would be to say it is like taking your face to the gym for an invigorating workout.

It is a relaxing, painless and safe procedure with multiple benefits performed by our experienced and skilful medical aesthetician.

Biosculpt stimuli treatments have zero downtime or adverse side effects, and you may continue with your usual activity immediately after your treatment.

How Does It Work

Your face and neck contain around 68 muscles. Many of them have similar functions, but they all work together and essentially determine your physical appearance.

Exactly the same as other muscles in your body and skin age the facial and neck muscles too become weaker with age, resulting in unwanted changes to your appearance like wrinkles, droopy cheeks and neck lines.

Biosculpt Stimuli uses a combination micro current, RF energy and concentrated serum to help reverse, and prevent, these aging effects.

The treatment stimulates the facial muscles (much the same as our popular EMSculpt and EMSlim treatments do to body muscle) resulting in the muscle becoming firmer which in turn cause them to lift them and help you regain a more healthy youthful appearance.

At the same time the concentrated serum that we use as the conductor for the biosculpt is induced into the skin to feed and replenish it giving you that sought after glowing complexion.

Treatment Suitability

Biosculpt Stimuli is suitable for both men and women of any age.

The only persons who are not candidates for Biosculpt stimuli, who should rather consider an alternative treatment we are able to offer, are those with active acne or other skin injuries that are still healing

Persons who have recently had Botox or fillers should also not have biosculpt stimuli for at least three weeks following their Botox or filler treatment.

Treatment Cost

Biosculpt Stimuli treatments are priced from just 6,500vt per treatment. The treatment cost is inclusive of the specialist serum used during induction part of the treatment.

As more than one treatment may be needed to achieve the desired result you should take advantage of our Buy 3 Get 4 prepaid treatment offer.

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Biosculpt Stimuli Serum Induction for Men and Women

The simplest way to desribe biosculpt stimuli would be say it is like taking your face to the gym for an invigorating workout. It is a relaxing, painless and safe procedure with multiple benefits done by our experienced and skilful medical aesthetician.
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