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Xanthelasma Removal

Xanthelasma, a yellowish deposit of cholesterol, makes an appearance on or around your eyelids. They occasionally develop symmetrically and are likely to grow slowly over time, sometimes even joining together to form a mass lump.

While unsightly, these cholesterol-filled bumps or lesions are typically harmless and not at all painful. They will not impact your vision, nor are they cancerous.

Xanthelasma will not go away on its own and will need to be professionally treated for removal. For some, it might even cause droopy eyelids and in the more extreme severe cases, it might become difficult to open or close your eyes.

Xanthelasma are not to be confused with Milia Seeds, which are small bumps that appear around or under your eyes - that Skinsense is also able to remove. While xanthelasma appears as yellow growths from the buildup of cholesterol, milia seeds are white or skin-coloured spots that happen due to trapped keratin.

How Does Xanthelasma Occur

Xanthelasma isn�t a common condition, but those diagnosed typically have high levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, or other lipids. It might also occur in those with normal cholesterol and it is more prevalent in women than men, most often developing during middle age.

Those who are frequent smokers, overweight, have high blood pressure or diabetes are also more prone to developing xanthelasma. Since xanthelasma is not something that can be solved simply by a good diet and medication professional treatment is the only option to help remove these unsightly bumps.

Removing Xanthelasma at Skinsense

The first step to removing xanthelasma will be seeking out a clinic, such as Skinsense Medical Aesthetics, for a personalised consultation.

Our experienced medical aesthetician will most likely offer plasma laser treatment under local anesthesia for the painless removal of your xanthelasma.

Plasma laser is known for its preciseness in destroying the cholesterol filled xanthelasma deposits with no scarring whatsoever.

Side Effects

Side effects may include depigmentation of the skin, which will be more noticeable if you have darker skin, along with hyper pigmentation if you do not protect the treated area from sunlight exposure.

If you have waited before seeking treatment your xanthelasma could be deeply seated, might still return and require additional treatments. It is also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to reduce your cholesterol levels.

Treatment Cost

The cost of removing a single xanthelasma is 12,000vt. Additional xanthelasma removed during the same treatment session cost 9,000vt each. The treatment cost includes the local anesthesia required to complete the procedure.

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Xanthelasma Treatment

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Excellent Treatment, Service and Results - by , July 14, 2022
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Amazing Treatment and Results. I have just had my unsightly xanthelasma removed at Skinsense and am delighted with the result. The service and quality of care at Skinsense is absolutely superb. Xanthelasma Removal at Skinsense Vanuatu.
Xanthelasma Treatment - by , August 25, 2022
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After waiting longer that I should have I booked myself in to have xanthelasma deposits removed from around my eye. The treatment was painless, effective and I have had no side effects. Xanthelasma Removal