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Hemorrhoid Legation & Banding

Hemorrhoid banding, also known as rubber band legation, performed at Skinsense is a minimally invasive procedure that treats empty or dormant hemorrhoids to prevent them from coming back and for aesthetic reasons.

Skinsense do not and are not able to treat thrombosis or internal hemorrhoids that require specialist medical treatment. If you have thrombotic hemorrhoids, and your doctor is qualified to treat them, they are most welcome to use our ligator equipment and clinic facility to perform that treatment on you.

What Hemorrhoids Do You Treat
Skinsense is only able to apply ligator bands to empty external hemorrhoids.

An empty hemorrhoid is the flap / piece of skin left behind from a previously thrombotic hemorrhoid that has not retracted by itself. These empty hemorrhoids have a blood supply, exactly the same as normal skin.

These skin flaps can be uncomfortable, spoil the appearance of an otherwise healthy anus and make performing personal hygiene (ie: wiping clean after a bowel movement) difficult.

How Do You Remove Them
The O�Regan ligator used by Skinsense places a small rubber band very tightly around the base of the hemorrhoid.

The banding cuts the blood supply to the hemorrhoid causing the banded hemorrhoid tissue to shrink, die and fall off along with the rubber band. Typically, this happens within a few days after your treatment during a routine trip to the toilet, and you may not even notice when this happens.

The treatment procedure itself takes a few minutes to complete and is performed by our qualified clinician in our clinic.

Is It A Painful Procedure
The O'Regan legation is and must not be a painful procedure. If you do feel pain that usually means the band has been applied too close to and is pinching the surrounding skin. The band must then be removed and reapplied. It is for this reason no anesthetic is used during the procedure.

You will however feel some discomfort and tightness in the treated area for a day or two afterward, but not pain. If the banding does become painful you should contact us straight away.

How Long Till The Hemorrhoid Falls Off
The banded hemorrhoid will fall off between 6 and 10 days after the procedure. It is important that you allow the banded hemorrhoid to fall off by itself and do not pull or wipe to detach it.

When it does fall off you may have very light bleeding for an hour or two, this is normal.

Are There Any Side Effects
There are no known serious side effects or risks to the O'Regan legation

The worst side effect is that the banded hemorrhoid will begin to smell a few days following the procedure. This is normal, indicates that the banding has correctly cut off the blood supply to the hemorrhoid and that hemorrhoid is decomposing. For your own comfort it is suggested that you wear a scented panty liner to mask any such odor.

To Do Before & After The Procedure
Before the procedure:

  • Empty your bowels as best possible
  • Ensure the anal area is clean
  • Relax! Anxiety during the procedure should be avoided as much as possible
After the procedure:

  • Avoid any form of strenuous movement, heavy lifting and exercise for at least two days
  • Keep the treated area clean and dry. This is very important.
  • Taking medication to soften bowel movements will assist relieve any discomfort
  • If possible douche and not wipe after a bowel movement
  • Do not pull on the banded hemorrhoid
  • Contact us if the banded hemorrhoid becomes painful
Treatment Cost
Hemorrhoid banding costs 8,000vt for the first hemorrhoid and 2,000vt per additional hemorrhoid banded during the same treatment session.

A maximum of 3 hemorrhoids may be banded in a single treatment.

A pre-treatment consultation costing 3,000vt to determine if you are a suitable candidate and to properly discus the procedure with you is mandatory.

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