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Stretch Mark Treatments

Stretch marks, also called striae, happen when your skin changes shape rapidly due to growth or weight gain. They usually are not a sign that anything is wrong with your health.

Like any scar, a stretch mark is most often permanent. Topical remedies do have some degree of efficacy and have a track record of reducing stretch mark severity. However for best results we recommend one of our advanced stretch mark removal treatments.

What Are Stretch Marks

Anyone can get stretch marks, regardless of gender. Pregnancy and puberty are the two most common times in life to get them.

At first, a stretch mark will appear as a thin red or purple line of a different texture than the skin around it. Some stretch marks will fade on their own over time.

They may become less noticeable after fading. Faded stretch marks usually look lighter in color than the surrounding skin and a little shiny, like a scar.

Clinical research tells us there is no secret cure-all ingredient for stretch marks but some remedies can help minimize the appearance of stretch marks and help them fade more quickly.

Newer stretch marks are more likely to respond to treatment and if treated early enough may disappear completely.

Available Treatments for Stretch Marks

Skinsense have several treatment options to reduce, and possibly totally remove, stretch marks.

As with most aesthetic issues and treatments the early bird gets the worm! Older stretch marks are very hard to get rid of, but new ones are very reactive to our treatments.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum Induction

Hyaluronic acid is a powerful ingredient for moisturizing and skin healing. It is often used in creams, lotions, and serums.

The visible appearance of stretch marks comes along with invisible changes to your skin. These changes make skin less elastic, in part because collagen isn't doing its usual job of strengthening the skin.

In addition to helping reduce stretch marks hyaluronic acid serum induction could prevent stretch marks from developing.

Laser Therapy

Lasers deliver focused light to the skin. Depending on what kind of laser is used, treatment could have the potential to increase collagen production and help stretch marks fade to blend in with the surrounding skin. Laser treatments require multiple sessions before you will see effects.

Laser therapy is also used to diminish skin texture and redness caused by scars and rosacea. So it makes sense that laser therapy could potentially also improve the look of stretch marks.


Microdermabrasion involves exfoliating the skin in a way that at-home remedies are not able to. Using a handheld wand, your clinician applies an abrasive substance to your skin to gently scrub away dead skin cells.

Research on microdermabrasion for stretch marks is limited and multiple treatments will be required to have any result.


Microneedling uses a device that creates tiny pricks in the skin. This treatment causes the skin to produce collagen and elastin, which could help loose skin appear tighter.

Microneedling is a minimally invasive way to treat the texture of stretch marks, even older ones, and when used together with serum induction it may help to even out skin tone.

Unlike at-home tools, clinical microneedling goes deeper into your skin to target the skin's healing function more effectively and more safely.

As a stretch mark prevention treatment, especially during pregnancy, microneedling with or without organic serum induction is safe and has proven to be effective in preventing stretch marks from developing.

Radio Frequency (RF) Therapy

Radio frequency treatments send energy waves into your skin that stimulate collagen production. The result can be firmer skin.

Clinical research indicates that radio frequency therapy may improve the look of stretch marks, but more studies are still needed to understand how it compares to other available treatments.

RF Microneedling

Recently, radio frequency treatments have been combined with microneedling treatments (RF Microneedling) in order to send the energy waves even deeper into the skin.

The microneedles penetrate the skin and release a burst of radiofrequency into the dermal channels, stimulating the deeper layers of collagen that then firm the skin and reduce the stretch mark.

Although RF Microneedlnig is a relatively new stretch mark treatment the very positive results being achieved indicate it will become a benchmark treatment for reducing and eliminating stretch marks.

HiFu Treatment

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a technique that helps to tighten and rejuvenate skin.

HIFU does this by applying regulated high intensity focused ultrasound energy - without damaging the skin surface and its surrounding tissues. It induces selective thermal coagulative zones on skin layers like dermis, subcutaneous fat, or SMAS layer to burn fat, stimulate collagen and elastin production, and muscle contraction.


EMSlim is an excellent treatment that combines EMS with RF to reduce cellulite fat, firm the skin and tone core muscle at the same time.

As a post pregnancy / weight loss treatment EMSlim has multiple body toning benefits, especially for persons who are not partial to or who do not have time to go to the gym.

Choosing The Best Treatment Option

As each person is unique, and stretch marks differ, a pre-treatment consultation with our medical aesthetician is required to determine and advise the best available treatment option for you.

Factors that will determine the best stretch mark treatment for you include:

  • Severity of the stretch marks
  • Location of the stretch marks
  • Age of the stretch marks
  • Prevention or cure
  • Your BMI score

Cost of Treatment

As there are multiple treatment options it is not possible to provide an accurate cost estimate for the treatment of your stretch marks till after you have had a pre-treatment consultation with out medical aesthetician.

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