Permanent Body Hair Removal and Grooming for Men

There's an increasing expectation from women these days that 'if you like me to be groomed, then I would like the same in return'.


Whether you’re a bodybuilder looking to show off his hard-earned lats, a swimmer who needs more aerodynamic limbs, or just a guy who wants to feel better on the beach, odds are you’re no stranger to hair removal.


Because the laser is calibrated to target melanin, only certain hair and skin tones can effectively be treated. Insufficient melanin in the hair prevents the laser from finding the follicle, while an abundance of melanin in the skin can mean the laser targets the wrong area. The best candidates for laser hair removal have fair skin and dark hair. In more recent years, new lasers have been developed that can safely treat dark skin without causing a burn. For redheads, blonds, and silver foxes, electrolysis may be a better option.


At Skinsense Laser Aesthetic Cent re in Port Vila, Vanuatu laser hair removal for men (aka manscaping), is affordable, fast and more appealing than ever before.


Skinsense Laser specializes in a permanent laser hair removal treatment for men called Balls-n-All. It removes all hair on a male's private parts, including the shaft and base of the penis, the testicles, the area between the anus and the testicles, as well as the area between the bum cheeks.

Skinsense also offer male clients the Manzilian, also known as known a “Boyzilian” “Guyzilian” or “Back, Sac & Crack” (BSC).

The Manzilian = Crack up onto the sac and shaft then either a tidy or shaped pubic area

  • The Hollywood = is the same as above but total removal of hair on pubic area.
  • If you would like you can add Buttocks to either your Manzilian or Hollywood, please see our price list for guidance.

Both the Manzilian and Hollywood look is becoming more “en vogue” within the male population, it leaves you feeling smooth and groomed and most of all men find it heightens their self-image and sexual prowess, they can also find it more hygienic. The Manzilian & Hollywood helps them feel more comfortable with their naked body and means they are ready to impress at all times!


We have a strict routine to our treatment procedure - we will not hold or manipulate your genitals during the treatment session and would ask you to hold your penis and testicles in the positions we ask. You may become aroused during the laser treatment of your more intimate area, this is quite normal and nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact an erection can sometimes help during laser hair removal because it stretches the skin taut making the removal of the hair easier, so please do not feel embarrassed if this happens. However we do not accept anyone who would deliberately try to get an erection or expect any sexual gratification during their visit. We are here to remove body hair not to provide sexual relief. Your therapist will refuse to laser anyone who they feel is trying to get sexual relief and not following instruction.


At Skinsense we are also aware that many of our male clients partners do not want another female handling their intimate area, that men know that part of their anatomy more than women and for this reason most genital area laser hair removal treatments are performed by our male therapist. We also encourage partners to be present during the treatment session as this usually helps make the patient more relaxed.



Skinsense Vanuatu - The Laser & Aesthetics Specialists

Male Laser Hair Removal
(aka Manscaping)


It’s not so long ago that it was not manly to alter the natural lie of the land when it came to male body hair


Today, thanks to a legion of smooth-chested pop stars and manicured football players, ordinary men are not only looking into laser hair removal and body hair-management, but are also indulging in and enjoying it.


Whether it be a smooth chest, a hairless neck, back and shoulders, the removal of a unibrow or just smooth armpits, today's man can choose where he wants body hair and where he does not want it. And let’s face it, the idea of looking somewhat like a primate no longer appeals to most men.


Male laser hair removal is hygienically effective. Most men find laser hair removal is the simplest and ultimately the least expensive the cleanest route to long-term relief from unwanted body hair.


With the new equipment used by SkinSense being so effective, fast and precise even men with very thick dark hair are seeing incredible results. All you need is a willingness to experiment mixed with a little post treatment skin care and that clean, healthy, groomed appearance can be yours too!


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How Many Laser Treatments Do Men Need


The area being treated, your skin colour and hair type play a major part in determining how many laser hair removal treatments you will need.


The laser used for hair removal is more responsive on persons with fair skin and dark hair, compared to persons with tanned skin and light coloured hair.


For example: A tanned dark haired man’s back or chest will need six to eight treatments, spaced roughly two months (six to eight weeks) apart to see visible results whilst other men and body areas may require as few as four treatment sessions.


This is because the laser kills hairs in the growth stage and the ones that are dead will shed after a few weeks. So by the time you go to your next appointment, the hairs that were in their growth stage are now in their dormant or dying stage. Overall, if you follow all the rules, and get your treatments in the recommended timeframe, you can expect to achieve the desired result.



Cost of Laser Hair Removal for Men


SkinSense offer professional laser hair removal treatments for men. All laser hair removal treatments for men may be booked online, or by visiting the SkinSense clinic in Port Vila town. Skinsense respects client confidentiality.


Clients who prefer to treated by another male may choose to have their treatment performed by our experienced male laser hair removal clinician.



Laser hair removal for men - Skinsense, Port Vila, Vanuatu

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As permanent hair reduction entails more than just one treatment session you should take advantage of SkinSense's Buy-3-Get-1-Free prepaid 4 treatment packages offer.


Clients who prefer to treated by another male may choose to have their treatment performed by our experienced male laser hair removal clinician.


Treatment Area
Single Treatment
Pack of 4 Treatments
Arms (full)
Arms (half)
Back (full incl shoulders)
Back (upper or lower half)
Bikini / Speedo Line
Bikini / Speedo Line (extended)
Brazillian (front, back and in between) 
Combo Full Brazilian & Buttocks
Combo Back, Nape & Shoulders 
Combo Beard, Ears & Nose 
Combo Chest & Stomach 
Combo Ears & Nose 
Combo Lips & Chin 
Extended Chin/Jawline 
Feet & Toes 
Full Body
Half Arms 
Half Back 
Hands & Fingers 
Head (shiny top) 
Legs (full legs)
Legs (lower legs)
Legs (upper legs)
Neck (front or back) 
Neck (lower neck - front)
Nose (incl nostrils) 
Sides of Back 
Snail trail 
Other Treatments / Combinations


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Hair Removal for Men

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Laser Hair Removal for Men



Male laser Hair Removal Brazilian MANSCAPE LHR MALELaser Hair Removal for Men
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Product description: At Skinsense Laser and Aesthetic Centre in Port Vila, Vanuatu laser hair removal and body grooming for men (aka manscaping), is affordable, fast and appealing to more men than ever before. Customer reviews:
Best Ever Manzilian - by , April 26, 2020
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The best male brazilian laser hair removal treatment I have ever had. Paul is an extremely professional therapist and knows what he is doing. Brazilian Laser Hair Removal for Men
Extended Male Brazilian - by , May 15, 2020
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Was a bit anxious about having another man do the treatment but Paul quickly made feel relaxed and did a superb job. Just would have liked a happy ending from him to help my enormous throbbing hardon go down after the treatment. Laser Hair Removal and Body Grooming for Men

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